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How Soon Do I Need to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Given how common vehicular accidents are, you may assume you know all there is to know after one occurs. You probably know that you should call the police and submit a claim to an insurance company. You may even be well aware that you should go to the doctor right away. But do you know when to call a Maryland motorcycle accident attorney? Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. If you don’t take the right steps, such as calling an attorney promptly, you may not be able to get compensation. You’ll be in pain after the crash and you may even be angry at the person who is responsible. You’re unlikely to be thinking clearly even if you’ve been involved in an accident before. When you hire a Maryland motorcycle accident attorney, they will prevent you from making costly mistakes. Things can move quickly after an accident. if you don’t have proper legal representation, you could jeopardize your ability to get compensation. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

How a Maryland Attorney Will Help You Following Your Motorcycle Accident

If you can call a lawyer while you’re at the scene of the crash, you’ll put yourself in an excellent position. Someone would be able to visit the scene and collect evidence before it is too late. As time passes, the wreck will be cleared, eyewitnesses will leave, and security footage may be deleted. Acting quickly puts you at an advantage. However, this isn’t always possible. Many motorcyclists suffer serious injuries and they’re unable to do anything. In such a case, you simply need to make the call as soon as you can. Your health should be the priority. The sooner you get legal counsel, the better it will be for you. Immediately after the accident, you may want to apologize to someone else who was involved. However, you shouldn’t do this. Their attorney may interpret this as you accepting responsibility for the crash. If you accept blame, you may not be able to recover damages. You also shouldn’t post anything about the crash on social media no matter how much you want to vent. These are all things your motorcycle accident attorney in Maryland will discuss with you. In addition, an insurance adjuster is likely to contact you shortly after the accident. They will try to get you to talk about the crash or push you to accept a low settlement offer. You shouldn’t share any information or agree to sign anything. Instead, you should tell the adjuster you have an attorney who will speak and act on your behalf.

Why You Need to Move Quickly

There’s another reason why you need to move quickly to secure legal representation.  You have three years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. You need to get your case started early so you have the option of a lawsuit if settlement talks are unsuccessful. If you don’t file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations is up, you won’t be able to do so. There are limited exceptions to this rule, and you will need an attorney to tell you if they apply to your case. In addition to this, as time goes on, it gets harder to build a strong case. Three years may seem like a long time, but you need to give the process time to work. Furthermore, the sooner your case gets started, the sooner you’ll get the compensation you deserve. Medical bills begin to pile up quickly and losing out on wages is never easy. You need to ensure you secure compensation before it all becomes too much to bear.

Damages Your Attorney May Be Able to Recover

After a Maryland motorcycle accident, you’re likely to be left with significant losses resulting from your injuries. Some of the damages your lawyer will ask for include:
  • Medical expenses. You may need medication, tests, scans, therapy, and other services to assist in your recovery.
  • Lost wages. If you can’t work for some time, you’ll lose some of your wages. The responsible party will have to compensate you for this.
  • Lost earning capacity. If you’ve suffered disabling injuries that prevent you from working again, you should also be able to recover this loss.
  • Property damage. Your bike and other personal possessions would likely have suffered damage.
  • Non-economic losses like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

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